Anderson Industrial Contracting
"Safety, Quality, Integrity" 
est 1974, Baltimore,MD

Anderson Industrial Contracting

1531 DeSoto Rd
Baltimore, MD 21230
Office: 410-525-2537
Fax: 410-644-4637

About Us

Anderson Industrial Contracting opened it's doors for business in November, 1974.  It's main office is located in Baltimore, MD with an 8,000' square foot fabrication facility located on 3 acres.

Our business is a two-fold operation, our field crews perform turnkey equipment installations in chemical plants, refineries, manufacturing plants, pharmaceutical plants, and food processing plants.

This work includes but is not limited to demolition, installation of materials handling equipment, heavy rigging, installation on process piping, millwright work, concrete work, structural steel and miscellaneous metal work.

Most of our work is very deadline intensive, and our customers do not tolerate jobs that run past the scheduled completion times. As a testimony to the quality of our services, we are still working for the same customers after more than thirty-nine years of operation.

In addition to our field operation, we also have a fabrication facility where we engage in the fabrication of piping spools, tanks, vessels, hoppers, ductwork, platforms, and numerous other metal fabrications.

Our welders hold numerous certifications in accordance with the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code Section IX. They are experienced in the welding of carbon steel, stainless steel, Hastalloy, Inconel, and aluminum.

Safety is first and foremost in every aspect of our operation; we employ a full time safety coordinator and all our employees are trained in more than 25 areas of construction safety.  Our safety record has been one of the best in our industry for more that 25 years!