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Anderson Industrial Contracting

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Anderson Industrial Contracting can receive drawings, convert them into detailed shop drawings, and program the CNC machinery to fabricate the order as requested. Our technology can also seamlessly update the drawings as revisions occur which saves the customer time, money, and resources.  

Max Beam Size: Standard machine accepts 40’’ beams x 60ft

Drill Diameters: Minimum drill diameter is ¼’’ and the maximum is 2’’.

Maximum material thickness is up to 10’’. The Maximum speed for X and Y axis is 120 feet per minute!

Average output: 200 to 400 holes per hour depending on profile!

Using the latest in CNC Beam Line Technology we can drill and mark any structural shape. This includes, but is not limited to, wide flanged beams, channels, angle, hollow structural tube and pipe.
Anderson Industrial Contracting is also capable of profiling steel to the required specifications of specialty coatings. All of the work is completed in-house using the Ultra BOSS D-115 Water Jet Blaster. The D-115 is a rugged, self-contained, go-anywhere, do-anything, high-pressure water-jet system.

This water-jet blasting technology is superior to traditional sand blasting because it is more time efficient, environmentally friendly, and less expensive.